Meet The Golden Girl From The U.S. Here To Boost Next-Gen Guide Dogs

An all-American Labrador has flown into the country to help Australia's Guide Dog breeding programs.

Valisa, the two-year-old Labrador arrived in Brisbane yesterday, after a marathon journey from San Rafael California.

Over the past seven months, the staff at Guide Dogs Queensland have been speaking with their Californian counterparts, working to bring a new breeding mum to Aussie shores.

Valisa is one of the first breeding dogs to be flown in from overseas in a decade. Image: Georgina Hill.

"She adds brand new lines to us at Guide Dogs Queensland, and genetic diversity is important to ensure we are breeding top quality dogs." breeding care manager Dr. Dion Humbler said.

"It's been a seven-month journey, numerous blood tests and vaccinations before a 10 day stay in quarantine in Melbourne."

It's been around 10 years since a brood dog was sent to Australia from overseas.

"Due to the increase in demand for Guide Dogs here in Queensland we needed an additional brood, and we like to constantly introduce new lines. So welcoming Valisa was the perfect choice," Humbler said.

Image: Georgina Hill.

It's hoped Valisa will have her first litter in June 2020, welcoming in a new generation of guide dog puppies that will change lives in Australia.

"The Rolls Royce if you like is the guide dog, they will enable people to carry on their lives as normally as possible to give independence and freedom," CEO Michael Kightley said.

Valisa will spend the holidays settling into her new Queensland life and will live with carers on the Sunshine Coast.