WATCH: Post Office Workers Deliver Christmas Wish To Little Boy

Australia Post has delivered a big surprise to a little boy, with his local post office going above and beyond to bring a smile to his face for Christmas.

Five-year-old Flynn loves his regular visits to the Caboolture post office, north of Brisbane.

And when the post office workers heard Flynn had sadly lost his pet dog, they wanted to help their little friend.

Flynn and his brother Easter had asked Santa for a new puppy for Christmas.

Their mum Angie tasked his favourite Australia Post team with the special delivery.

Flynn met his new friend Ruby at the Caboolture Australia Post office. Image: Australia Post

Caboolture Post Office manager Margaret and colleague Noleen were happy to help.

"Angie approached us about a situation, and that situation was a little puppy the children were getting for Christmas," they told 10 daily.

Noleen at Caboolture post office holding Flynn's new puppy. Image: Australia Post

Margaret organised a Parcel Collection Card for Flynn, to let him know Santa had a delivery for him.

Minutes before the boys' arrival at the post office, Angie dropped off Ruby the puppy and a letter from Santa.

"Dear Flynn and Ethan. Your mummy wrote to me and told me you wanted a puppy for Christmas," the note said.

"Crumble and Pelf picked this one out just for you two boys.

"She couldn't wait to meet you so I had to deliver her early. Love Santa Claus."

A note from Santa was included in the parcel. Image: Australia Post

When Flynn and his family arrived at the post office, Margaret and Noleen were on hand to help out.

"They handed over the card as if it was a normal delivery, but Flynn was a bit confused when we carried it out in front of the counter," they said.

Flynn couldn't contain his excitement when he opened the box. Image: Australian Post

While she didn't actually get posted, inside the box was Ruby.

"He was ecstatic, very excited, he really couldn't believe it was a puppy," Margaret and Noleen said.

While this is a bit of an unusual delivery, the Caboolture post office staff said they were happy to help.

"We're known for doing special things for our customers," Margaret said.

Mum Angie, Dad Matt, and the two boys, Flynn and Ethan with their newest family member Ruby. Image: Australia Post