How To Do The TikTok 'Around The World' Challenge

People are lining up (literally) to do the 'Around The World' challenge, the latest viral dance craze to hit the internet.

The new dance challenge is almost hypnotic, a possible reason why it's proving so popular on the social video platform TikTok.

A group master going 'Around The World' on a Sydney train. Photo: @Oliversatorious

The synchronized dance is relatively easy to master compared to others like the 'Git Up' challenge and even Flossing.

All that's needed to do the 'Around The World' challenge is a group of people in a row, alternating when they lean from left to right.



What Is The Git Up Challenge Taking Over TikTok Right Now?

Forget flossing or the Fortnite dance, the latest viral dance craze to hit the internet is the Git Up Challenge. 

Although, the dance must be performed to the well known song 'Around the World (La La La La La)' by German group ATC.

While the 'Around The World' challenge itself is new, the concept is inspired by a Vine from 2015 featuring three people rocking in unison to the song.

Watch the video at the top of this article to learn how to do the 'Around The World' Challenge and get some inspiration.

Featured image: TikTok