This Chicken Can Cross The Road Thanks To A Cleverly Designed Wheelchair

Tuesday the chicken has narrowly escaped death thanks to a caring and creative animal sanctuary.

The unlucky clucker was born with a slipped tendon which makes it difficult for her to walk.

The cleverly designed chicken wheelchair. Photo: Hearland Farm Sanctuary

Her original owners were going to euthanize her but a family from Green Bay adopted her.

Unfortunately, Tuesday wasn't getting along with their other hens so she was taken to the Heartland Farm Sanctuary in Wisconsin. There they built a special wheelchair for her and promoted her to ambassador for the sanctuary.

Nathan Jolly


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Lance was a fairly contented cat, except for a pesky kidney crystal that was lodged in his urethra.

Director of Heartland Farm Sanctuary, Jen Korz, said Tuesday is excelling in her new role and new wheels.

"She's this role model for a chicken that is differently-abled but receives absolute love, care and attention," she told CBS News.

"[Tuesday] is able to thrive even though she may not look like everyone else. So it's a lesson in compassion and it is a lesson in resilience."

The Heartland Farm Sanctuary is participating in Giving Tuesday a global movement encouraging generosity. Its board of directors is participating in a match challenge -- they are matching up to $10,000 for the sanctuary.