100-Year-Old War Veteran Feared Marriage More Than The Atomic Bomb

With the help of his granddaughter, 100-year-old war veteran Armond Welch answered dozens of strangers' questions while in rehab for a broken hip.

Born in 1919, Welch grew up in Washington in the United States and served as a photographer in the air force during the Second World War.

He didn't fully retire until he was in his nineties and held many jobs throughout his life.

From his days as a paper boy to being a pharmacist and investigator for the US Food and Drug Administration, Welch has plenty of interesting life experiences to share.

Armond Welch and his granddaughter answered strangers' questions on Reddit. Image: Imgur

The truly wholesome post was published on Reddit by Welch's 23-year-old granddaughter (fallenangel3633) on Tuesday and has since attracted more than 3,000 comments.

According to his granddaughter, Welch was "flabbergasted" at the number of people who responded, initially believing they were all friends of his granddaughter.

The centurion spoke about being in awe at the invention of computers and televisions and about flying on photo missions to capture images of Japanese fleets.

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Speaking about the atomic bomb, he said he didn't understand what it was at the time and so he didn't feel afraid.

When asked about the most "tense moment of his life", he spoke not of his time at war but about standing at the altar beside his now-deceased wife Audrey.

"When I stepped forward to get married. No kidding, just briefly, I thought I was gonna faint when the pastor asked those questions," he said.

Losing Audrey was a great loss to Welch and to this day, the calendar in his bedroom has not changed since the month and year that she died.

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So when asked about his only regret, he said it was "not marrying Audrey earlier".

For Welch, watching his children grow up has been "a great delight", and the best thing about being 100 years old is simply "being alive".

Welsh's granddaughter was teary-eyed after he said what motivates him to keep active at such a senior age is "one specific granddaughter".

And his pithy advice to younger generations: use common sense and listen carefully.

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