This Good Boy Angus Was Fired As A Guide Dog Because He Liked Food Too Much

If you've ever felt like you just haven't found your place in the world, meet Angus the labrador, who was fired as a guide dog because he liked food too much.

Angus was selected for the very special role of being a guide dog, but Angus, like so many of us, discovered that his love of food made him unsuitable for this noble role and thus, he was fired.

But Angus has a big heart.

He was recognised for being a loyal companion and bringer of smiles, and soon he found himself with a new job at a Brisbane based aged care home Whiddon.

Angus even got a fancy new title - Chief Happiness Officer - as part of the home's Creature Comforts program.

Angus appears to be doing what he was born to do. Image: 10 News First

Research indicates regular interaction with animals can have a therapeutic effect, lower stress and improve overall wellbeing. They're also known to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

"He brings out the best in people" Maureen Armes, a resident of Whiddon told 10 News First.

"People can be sitting in their wheelchairs and he comes along and they talk to him and they pat him ... if he wasn't here they'd be sitting there all day doing nothing."

Angus is on a diet in his new role.

"We try not to give him any treats anymore, only carrot and apple."

Angus might have failed as a guide dog, but he's the best at giving smiles! Image: 10 News First

The staff at Widdon all agree Angus has a vital role as part of the care team.

"He knows what he's doing" Robert Campbell, Activities Coordinator said.

"Some people that might be less inclined to come out or engage in things, with Angus around, we see him engage with them, putting a smile on their faces."

Angus was considered no good as a guide dog, but he's still a good boy. Image: 10 News First

While things didn't work out in his last job, Angus appears to be in the role he was born to do -- surrounded by friends, smiles and occasional snacks.

These days his fall from grace at guide dog school is nothing but a distant memory.

Isn't that something for us all to think about...

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