Bachelorette Angie Kent Reveals Her First Love

Paws and Recover stole Angie Kent's heart long before she went looking for love on The Bachelorette.

The not-for-profit organisation tees up short term foster care for pets.

"Before I thought I was ready for love, I fell in love with rescuing dogs," Kent told 10 News First. 

Her and good pal Evie famously shared their Gogglebox couch many times with their foster pets.

"Evie and I still do it, but we probably had over 100 different dogs come in and out of our lives over those four years," Kent said. 

"We say that we rescued them, but I feel like they rescued us because they just, you love so much.

"The beauty of it is if someone is in need, you are not only helping the person out, you are helping the dog out and it gives you a taste of what type of dog would actually end up fitting in your home -- there's no pressure at all."



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We found out their paw-fect plans for lavishing even more love on their four-legged friends.

Sydney police officer Jacki Largo set up Paws and Recover eight years ago.

She said too many times in her job she would see households fractured by physical or mental health issues, or domestic violence.

"When we'd leave I'd see a dog or a cat left in the house and I'd think, what's happening with you?" she told 10 News First. 

"I'd put a bowl of water and food and then I'd go home and worry about what was happening. I thought, I've got to do something about that.

I started Paws and Recover so we could look after people's paws while they recover from whatever adversity in life is affecting them.

"Sometimes people will go into hospital for a check-up and then they need further tests and need to stay and they don't have any other friends or family.

"When you give someone hope it's such a beautiful thing, and then at the end when they are reunited with their pet they are just so happy, and the pet's not stressed."

Manned by volunteers, a lot of their referrals come through the RSPCA and social workers at hospitals and refuges.

The public can get involved through the Paws and Recover Facebook page, which focuses on the animals, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger the cat, better known as Arnie.

Arnie wants to be back with his owner soon. Image: provided

He's been Katherine Krone's beloved fur baby for 14 years and when she recently wound up homeless due to health and family issues, the thought of losing him was unbearable.

"He is the closest thing that I hold dear," she told 10 News Frist, kissing him repeatedly kissing her cat on the head.

"I had to reach out and find help."

Marni Jenkin saw Arnie's photo.

"I just happened to see it one Sunday night and fell in love with him and told my family, this is what we are doing, this cat needs help," Jenkin said. 

Jenkin took care of Arnie for five months while Krone found a new home.

"She's a lifesaver," Krone said.

"If I had to give Arnie away, which was my only other option, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now, I wouldn't be as settled as I am now.

"I just consider myself extremely lucky that Marni was there to take Arnie."

Over the past 11 years, Tracey Brown's dog Potato has been by her side. But occasionally she can't be there for him.

"There's times I've had to go to hospital, maybe five or six times, and sometimes it's really urgent," she told 10 News First. 

"Paws and Recover always arranges to get a foster carer for Potato straight away.

"It's like letting your baby go, he's like a child to me and he's my family, it's just him and I that live together and I know he's going to be completely safe.

"Potato now sort of marches off real happy because he knows the people now so I just can go and have nothing to worry about."

All pet foster carers are screened to ensure their lifestyle and home is safe and secure.

Paws and Recover also takes $1 a week donations.