WATCH: Joyful Farmer Takes Enormous Pumpkin For Paddle Around His Pond

A US farmer has grown the most impressive Halloween decoration you're ever likely to see - and he also found a great use for it.

Tennessee farmer Justin Ownby wanted to grow a big pumpkin.

Turns out he grew a MASSIVE pumpkin that weighs more than 450kg.

Ownby's pumpkin was the biggest one he's ever grown, according to his wife Christin.

Justin Ownby proudly bobbing around his pond in his giant pumpkin. Image: Christin Ownby / Facebook

She told CNN their largest one before this behemoth weighed under 100kg.

To celebrate his newfound status as the unofficial pumpkin king of Tennessee, Ownby decided to turn his great pumpkin into a boat.

Ownby then set sail in his giant pumpkin, testing it on his farm's pond - and the result is glorious.

When his wife shared a video of the overjoyed dad bobbing around his pond in a giant pumpkin the world was pretty impressed.

Justin Ownby bobbing around his pond in his pumpkin. Image: Christin Ownby / Facebook

The video and photos quickly went viral, cementing Ownby as the world's most joyful pumpkin king of 2019.