Swimming Kangaroo Rescued From Lake, Jumps Back In

A marine marsupial was chased down by police on a jetski, but it did not appreciate their rescue efforts, escaping and jumping right back in the drink.

Canberra locals were tickled to spot a young kangaroo paddling around Lake Burley-Griffin on Wednesday morning. After reports from the public, officers responded to the unusual scene, deploying their little-used police jetski.

Video posted to Reddit showed the rescue unfold.

It shows two police on the jetski bring the kangaroo back to the lake's shore, near the back of the High Court building in Canberra. Two men stood ready, armed with ropes, planning to catch the animal.

Police wrangle the kangaroo back to land. Image: Reddit/Misterturkey

But after police unceremoniously dumped it on the pavement at the water's edge, the kangaroo jumps to its feet, and bounds straight back into the water to swim again.

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It tries to beat a hasty retreat from the well-meaning officers, who exasperatedly swing the jetski around to pursue it once more.

"It's the Water Rats - Skippy crossover we've all been waiting for," one Reddit user commented on the video.

The kangaroo did not appreciate the assist, jumping right back in. Image: Reddit/Misterturkey

"Let the boy swim, he knows what he’s doing," said another.

ACT Water Police officers said they were alerted to the incident at about 10.30am on Wednesday

"Officers rescued the kangaroo from the lake, and handed it to parks workers who relocated the kangaroo to a bushland location," an police spokesperson told 10 daily.

Kangaroos are a common sight bouncing through the 'bush capital', and it's far from the first time one has been found in a spot they weren't supposed to be.

Police chased after it again as it swam off. Image: Reddit/Misterturkey

In June last year, a local football game was interrupted by a kangaroo bounding across the pitch. The animal's unexpected entry to the match sent players running in fear, before it laid down in front of one of the goals and relaxed before getting up and hopping away.

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In March this year, footage went viral of a kangaroo beating up a paraglider trying to land.