Royal Treatment: Lost Toy Returned From Buckingham Palace

A toy monkey has returned from the trip of a lifetime, after she was accidentally left behind at Buckingham Palace by a 5-year-old girl.

'Harriet' was visiting Europe with Savannah, 5, and her family from Woodside in the Adelaide Hills.

The toy monkey  belongs to Savannah's kindergarten, and she lives a lush life, often being taken along for family holidays by students.

After touring Ireland, Scotland and France the group finished their trip with a visit to Buckingham Palace in London. Harriet even posed for photos at the palace with her family, taking in all the sights.

Photo: Supplied.

However tragedy struck the next day, when Savannah's Mum, Katie, realised the soft toy was missing. After searching high and low, the family returned to Adelaide without her.

"When Katie came back and broke the news to us, we thought right -- let's write a letter to Buckingham Palace," Robyn Herringer, Principal of Woodside Preschool, told ABC Radio Adelaide on Wednesday.

"We addressed it to the Queen, asking the Queen if she would go and look for this monkey... I'm not sure that she did do the looking... but within a week, we got an email back from the visitors services team saying that they'd found her!"

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Staff at Buckingham Palace wrote a very detailed response to Savannah and her classmates, including all the things Harriet had been up to. They even took photos of her enjoying all the benefits of life within the Palace walls - like eating scones and drinking tea, of course.

Harriet made such an impression during her time with the royals, she even made a friend, who travelled all the way back to Adelaide with her!

"She brought Rex the Corgi home with her, who is a beautiful, fluffy Corgi from the Buckingham Palace gift store," said Herringer.

Photo: Supplied.

And all that monkey business has exhausted little Harriet - she'll be staying put at Woodside Preschool for a while.

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