Dog Saved From Rough Sea By Brave Lifeguard

A day on the beach could have ended in tragedy for a small dog if it wasn’t for the quick actions of a Queensland lifeguard on the Gold Coast.

Simon Goodchild was walking near The Spit on Thursday, when he spotted a pup struggling to stay afloat in rough waters about 50 metres from shore.

“I noticed a little dog had been caught in the rip and it just kept being pulled backwards …it was really tiring out,” Goodchild told 10 daily.

Fighting against the rip, the little dog tired quickly. Photo: Simon Goodchild

It appeared as though the animal had been caught in a rip after attempting to retrieve an item thrown into the water from the beach.

“It was clearly struggling but anyone who was around was too far away to do anything.”

Thankfully that distance was quickly closed by lifeguard, Reece Muir, who rushed into the wild waves on his surfboard.

“He did well to even see it and was there almost immediately, he definitely saved its life,” Goodchild said.

“Lifeguards are amazing people that don’t get rewarded enough for what they do.”

Lifeguard Reece Muir paddles the pooch back to safety. Photo: Simon Goodchild

After uploading the rescue to his Facebook account, viewers were quick to suggest movement in the background could be a shark fin.

“I haven’t had a good look at the video and the quality isn’t great because I just quickly started filming on my phone,” Goodchild said.

However, the keen beachgoer isn’t ruling out the possibility.

“I definitely know of sharks being in that area and I’ve seen some pretty big ones there,” he said, adding that it only highlights the bravery of lifeguards.

An object that viewers speculate is a shark fin appears in the top right-hand corner. Photo: Simon Goodchild

“They put their life on the line and don’t think twice about it, without out them we’d lose lives,” Goodchild said.

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Surf Life Saving Queensland advises swimmers to avoid ocean currents but if they are caught in a rip, to swim parallel to the beach.

10 daily has reached out to Reece Muir for comment.