Father's Sweet Act For Son Goes Viral

When one man's toddler wanted to shoot a hoop he stepped in to help him with his goal. 

At a basketball court, the toddler stands with the ball and looks up at the hoop looming metres above him. There's no way the little boy would have the strength or power to make the shot himself, so his father subtly stepped in.

As his son took aim and bent his entire body in preparation to make the shot, the man stood behind him. Even with all his might, the ball only propelled the ball a short way into the air, completely missing the hoop.

The boy had given the ball enough momentum to make it just high enough for his dad to grab it and complete the shot without him knowing.

The man grabbed the ball and completed the shot for his son. Photo: Twitter/Arun Bothra.

The boy rose his head to see the ball flying through the hoop and both father and son jumped around the court in celebration of his achievement.

A video of the father's sweet act has gone viral with many commending the dad on his actions.

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