Dad Interrogates Daughter's Date Through Doorbell Camera While At Work

A video of a father interrogating his daughter's date using his doorbell intercom has gone viral.

A Massachusetts father grilled his daughter's date over the doorbell intercom while he was at work.

Pedro Lugo made sure his daughter, Grace, was in good hands when her date, Jared Downey, arrived to pick her up.

Downey approached the front porch ready to pick up his date, but instead was surprised with a snap quiz.

Downey was caught off guard after Lugo asked him a series of questions. The video shows him nervously fidgeting with his hands during the father's questions.

In the video, Lugo can be heard saying, "Roughly what time are you guys going to come home?"

Downey responds: "Probably before 11".

Lugo quickly replies: "Oh, I heard 10:30. Ok".

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"Just make sure you treat her correctly because that's my first daughter," Lugo said. Image: Pedro Lugo

Later, the father calls his son, also named Pedro Lugo, to tell him to take a picture of Downey's license plate.

The video was posted to social media by Grace's brother.

Viewers applauded the father for his parental tactics.

"Classic! That my husband to tee with our daughter.. especially at the end when dad points out the guy holds the door open for his daughter. Good job dad!" One user wrote.

According to reports, Downey got Grace home by 10:18 p.m.