#CatGlowUp Is Here To Make Your Day So Much Better

Twitter has been flooded with "before and after" photos of some beloved pets and we are so happy about it.

Twitter user Elle (@ellle_em) posted a tweet asking people to share photos of their feline friends with #CatGlowUp and the Internet has well and truly come through.

The term "glow up" is used to describe a transformation in someone's looks, style or confidence and people are happily applying the same

Over 16,500 tweets have been posted using the hashtag, showing what their pets looked like on the day they were brought home and what they look like now.

Some cats have gotten far more suspicious in their old age.

Others have become very comfortable with their spot on the couch.

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The hashtag is also a reminder about how important rescuing animals can be, with plenty of people showing off the difference that care and love can make in an animal's life.

Of course, I had to include my own bug-eyed angel.

Feature Image: Twitter/@NomTheBurritos