Cocky Cockatoo Keeps Woman Hostage In Her Car

This cockatoo was not letting this woman get away easily.

Morgana Elaine was sitting in her car on a South Geelong, Melbourne street on Wednesday, when a sulphur-crested cockatoo landed on her vehicle.

The bird stuck its head through the window and proceeded to pinch Elaine's earring right out of her ear.

Photo: Morgana Elaine

Elaine managed to get the earring back but the cockatoo didn't seem to happy about that, and continued to sit on the car and keep her 'hostage'.

The feathery incident was captured by Elaine, who livestreamed it on Facebook.

"This is my day right now. A cocky has flown over ... and stolen my earring out of my ear," she said in the video, while laughing as the bird continued to try and get into the car.

Elaine shows the camera the now-mangled earring.

The earring didn't fare so well in the encounter. Photo: Morgana Elaine

At one point, the cockatoo hangs upside-down from the door frame and bites at the steering wheel.

"No, no, no, I've got way too much metal in my face for this bird," Elaine says in the video, referring to her number of piercings.

"I don't want it to bite me."

The cockatoo takes a chunk out of her steering wheel. Photo: Morgana Elaine

The encounter goes on for some time, with the bird flying off at one point, only to return.

Elaine finally manages to escape her car, but her new friend followed her down the street to a cafe before eventually leaving her alone.

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The videos on Facebook have since been viewed thousands of times, with many commenters finding the cockatoo's antics hilarious while others offered her words of advice in case it happens again.

"To get rid of annoying cockatoos -- clap your hands together loudly," said one person.

Good to know for the future!

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