Newborn Baby Abandoned On Rubbish Heap To Be Adopted By Two Journalists

When video of a baby girl abandoned on a rubbish heap went viral on Twitter, one couple immediately knew they had to step in to help her.

Last week, vision of a newborn baby, still covered in blood and abandoned on a rubbish heap in India, went viral on Twitter.

The video was seen by Vinod Kapri, a filmmaker and journalist, and his wife Sakshi Joshi, who is a news anchor for Indian network News24. The couple were so moved by the video that they made a quick decision to adopt the baby.

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On their way to see the little girl, Kapri spoke to The Times of India, saying: “It was completely heart-wrenching to hear the baby’s cries. My wife and I saw the video, and we were silent for some time. I then asked her if we could adopt the child."

As support came flooding in online for the little girl, Kapri kept everyone updated on social media, documenting their journey to the hospital where the child was located.

The couple arrived in the city of Nagaur on Sunday and were finally able to meet the little girl.

They decided to name her Pihu, writing on Twitter: "Till yesterday she was UNKNOWN in hospital records, but now she has a name: PIHU." 

The couple are currently going through the adoption process but are hopeful that Pihu will soon become part of their family.

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According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), there are 29.6 million orphaned or abandoned children in India. Of this number 90 percent are girls.

Dowries are illegal in India, but the tradition is still widespread, and is one of the main reasons the birth of a daughter can be an incredible financial burden on families.

In an attempt to encourage the safe abandonment of children, the Indian state of Rajasthan launched a program in 2016 where parents were able to leave their unwanted babies in cradles at various hospitals, knowing they would receive adequate medical attention.

Once a baby is placed in a cradle, hospital staff are alerted after 3 minutes to ensure the person dropping off the baby may leave without being identified. After being given a medical check, the babies are then transferred to an adoption agency.

Feature image: Twitter/@vinodkapri