Possum Freed From Glass Jar Stuck On Its Head After Rescue From Huge Tree

A possum with its head trapped in a half-full jar of water has been rescued from a tree, after a multi-agency emergency response effort in Sydney.

UPDATE: The possum was taken to Nepean Animal Hospital and has had the jar removed.

"The vet reports that the glass jar has now been removed and the possum is doing well," NSW Police said in a statement on Wednesday.

Photo: NSW Police

Police, fire and WIRES staff combined on Tuesday to save the possum, which was at the top of a tall tree in Sydney's west, after it was spotted with its entire head stuck inside the large jar.

Local residents in Blaxland reported the sorry animal to police, who tried in vain to reach the possum from the 20-metre high tree. But they were unable to get to the top of the tree, calling in their fire brigade friends to lend a hand.

A large cherrypicker lift took rescuers high into the sky, where they were able to grab the possum from the treetop and place it safely into a cage. They found it with its head firmly jammed inside the jar, which was partly filled with water.

The rescue team handed the lucky animal over to WIRES volunteers, to take to a vet for medical care.

Possum stuck in glass jar rescued by police. Photo: supplied

It's unknown how long the possum has been stuck inside the jar, or how it got in there in the first place.

Local resident Susan Gould said the emergency services crews had "saved the day", after she called in police. She said she had been alerted to the possum by her dog, barking at the tree.

Police help grab the possum from the tree. Photo: supplied

Police rescuer, senior constable Steven Day, said they found the animal, quite distressed, banging its head against the tree.

It has now been taken to a vet for treatment, and to have the jar removed from its head.