These Kangaroo Sanctuary Videos Are Delighting The Internet

A Northern Territory kangaroo sanctuary is going viral after hopping on the social media bandwagon to the delight of millions of viewers around the world.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs struck video gold in early May with Sasha -- a particularly impatient little joey.

A clip uploaded to the sanctuary's Facebook page, of the animal clawing at the legs of her carer, has gone viral in recent days after being posted on popular Aussie social media accounts.

Evidently, the worker was taking a little too long to prepare Sasha's milk.

"Our darling Sasha always thinks we take waaaay too long to make her beloved milk!" the post said.

Now with over nine million views and 150,000 shares, the video was even been posted to Tourism Australia's official Twitter account on Sunday.

Built and opened by Chris ‘Brolga’ Barns in 2011, The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs is a haven for rescued orphaned baby and adult kangaroos.

This isn't the first time the sanctuary has been shared around your Facebook feed.

Famously, it was home to Roger 'the ripped kangaroo', who sadly died in December last year on the Alice Springs property.

Roger the ripped kangaroo. Photo: Facebook/The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Roger -- who was rescued from his dead mother's pouch at five months old -- grew into a formidable character before shooting to international stardom following his appearance in the BBC documentary Kangaroo Dundee.

Today, the organisation's team has all your kangaroo content-related needs covered, with an impressive collection of videos staring their rescued talent.

Sasha, who is no one-trick-joey, reappeared earlier this month just in case anyone was curious about what kangaroos look like when they yawn.

While her video may be the most famous of the lot, little Sasha doesn't appear to be the only resident with an inability to wait quietly for her food.

Marmalade, George, Derek, Penny and Bugsy were captured demanding their breakfast last month too.

When they're not making meal time difficult though, the kangaroos appear to be pretty appreciative of their home, with roo hugs on full display.

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Visitors to Alice Springs are able to take a guided tour of the 188-acre reserve and mingle with the furry locals.

"The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a place to celebrate the beauty of the red kangaroo – an Australian icon," the sanctuary says on its website.

Actress Margot Robbie plays "kangaroo mum" for the day at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs. Image: Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Australian actress Margot Robbie even paid a visit in May to have a cuddle with a familiar face.

"Sasha loves cuddles with her new friend Margot," the sanctuary said on Facebook.