Boy Raises $136,000 To Buy Bulletproof Vests For Police Dogs

Brady Snakovsky, 9, has equipped dozens of police dogs across the U.S., to ensure they "stay safe from bad people."

In 2017, his goal was to donate a bulletproof vest to one K9, he then strived to donate nine to celebrate his ninth birthday.

Yet by November 2018, the schoolboy had made enough money to equip more than 50 police dogs across nine separate states.

Today that figure sits at 85. The vests are seriously pricey with each one costing US $1,700 ($2,440 AU).

Not only do they protect the canines' vital organs, but they are also lightweight and help to regulate body heat so the dogs can wear them for their entire shift.

It all started when Brady and his mother, Lena Tornabene, were watching a police documentary together. He noticed that while police wore bulletproof vests, the dogs did not.

In the U.S., not all local police departments have funds to provide their dogs with bulletproof vests, so a number of non-profits have stepped in to fill the gaps.

After asking Tornabene to help him buy one, the mother and son decided to set up a GoFundMe page to help raise the money needed.

Brady has so far donated 85 police dogs with bulletproof vests. Photo: Brady's K9 Fund

The campaign quickly snowballed and continues to do so.

In fact, it has become so big that Brady's K9 Fund has become an official non-profit business.

"We believe K9 police officers deserve the same protection as human police officers," the official website reads.

"We are making it a priority to vest as many K9 officers as we can to send them home at the end of their shift."

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"I hope to provide as many vests as I possibly can to the very deserving officers that are out there," Brady's GoFundMe page said.

There is currently a waiting list of 57 police officers who are hoping to receive a ballistic vest for their K9.

Here in Australia, South Australian and Queensland officers trialled protective vests for their dogs in 2017 to stop slash and stab attacks.

The technology, developed in New Zealand, was developed to help keep police dogs safe on the front line.

For Brady, the journey is not yet over. He is expected to continue his work with officers and their dogs for years to come, and when he gets older he wants to be a police officer himself.

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