Help 94-Year-Old Bruno Find This Woman After Her Random Act Of Kindness

When a stranger hugged Bruno Gierula, 94, at a Townsville shopping centre, he turned to Facebook in a bid to find her and say thank you for making his day.

The great-grandfather had been shopping for slippers.

He initially thought the woman must have been a friend of his granddaughter; however she had no connection.

And Bruno had forgotten to ask her name.

"She said, 'Oh, you're so wonderful, you know', and she come and give me a hug,'' Bruno said on Monday.

"When she left. I said to my great-granddaughter, 'Do you know the lady?' But she said no. I said, 'Geez, I better find her!'"

So, great-granddaughter Taylor McIntyre helped Bruno set up a Facebook page.

Bruno and his granddaughter Taylor. Photo: Supplied.

Together, they posted a heart-warming messaged on a community site.

"He kept on saying to me and mum, go tell the paper so they can put it in the news so I can find her -- or put it on the Facebook," Taylor said.

The post has gone viral, shared more than a thousand times, with messages coming in from all over the world.

Bruno Gierula
Bruno's Facebook post.

Taylor and Bruno check the post regularly.

"He loves seeing all the nice things people say about him and getting to reply to them," Taylor said.

Bruno was born in Poland and fought against the Nazis during the Second World War.

He said the secret to long a life is drinking Polish vodka and avoiding fast food.

Bruno is hoping to take his mystery friend out to dinner. Photo: Supplied.

So what will he say if the mystery woman turns up?

"I would just say, 'How are you my dear?!'"

We would be happy to go to dinner with Bruno -- although we may need to get in line though.