Beloved Miniature Donkey Rescued From The Bowels Of A Septic Tank

Something smells like trouble.

Tatalou -- a five-year-old miniature donkey --was at the centre of a rather sticky rescue mission on a property north of Brisbane on Thursday night.

Firefighters were called to Morayfield at about 6:30 pm after the animal took a tumble and became stuck inside a concrete septic tank.

Owner Janine Mcconnel was at work when her partner started to wonder where the family's hoofed companion was -- having failed to check in for his  "couple of carrots" like usual.

"One of our kids discovered he was in a spot of bother," Mcconnel told 10 News First with a laugh.

"The donkey's found himself in the shit, literally," Mcconnel's partner, Daniel Brown, said more seriously.

Image: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Brown called authorities when it became obvious he couldn't free Tatalou on his own.

"Straight away I was waiting for a hang up like 'is this a prank call'?" Brown said.

"But they said 'oh, do you want police?' I said I don't want him arrested I just want him saved."

Image: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
Image: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

When rescuers arrived, little Tatalou was submerged up to his head in the tank's "disgusting, smelly, grossness", as Mcconnel described it.

"He was just very distressed and exhausted, tired. He really wasn't well, he couldn't call for help.

He would try and struggle to get out for about five seconds and then rest again because he was too tired," she said.

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The tank was drained of its contents before firefighters pulled the donkey free, using a large tripod to support heavy animal slings which were slipped underneath Tatalou's stomach.

There was also a vet on standby as the team hauled ass.

"The officers described the rescue as quite technical to start with," Inspector Robert Smith told 10 News First.

"They had to get in and cut pipes away from around the donkey."

Tatalou. Image: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

For the family who owns him, the damage to the tank was a small price to pay for Tatalou's rescue.

"I don't really care about any of the rest of it as long as he was safe," Mcconnel said.

"He's a part of the family he's like a dog, he's not just something you stick in a paddock out in the backyard, he's a companion."

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Mcconnell took the miniature donkey in during November last year, since which he has become a popular addition to the neighbourhood.

"He's a bit of trouble. He's a boy and he likes to try and get out and find a girlfriend," she said.

Assuming he's still looking for love, a stick of deodorant might be in order before his next attempt.