Abandoned Little Girl Wins Fans Across The World

Vasilina Knutzen was born without arms and abandoned at an orphanage.

The young Russian toddler suffers from a rare developmental disability but has learnt how to tackle life's challenges.

Elmira and Chris Knutzen live in Moscow and raise four children, two of whom are adopted. The Knutzen family were thrilled to have another addition to their family.

Adopted Parents Start Youtube Channel For Girl Without Limbs
Image: Facebook - Deborah Hoehner

Vasilina Knutzen was adopted when she was 12-months-old, from an orphanage where she was left shortly after her birth.

Vasilina captivated the hearts of the Knutzen family instantly.

Little Girl With No Limbs Lights Up Family's Home
When we saw Vasilina was from the same city where we were living, we couldn't stop thinking of her. Image: Facebook - Deborah Hoehner

"We couldn't wait any longer and on March 8, just five days before her 1st birthday, we flew from Moscow to Ekaterinburg to see her and get the adoption started," the family stated in a Facebook post.

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After adopting her and seeing her new daughter's strength and resilience,  Elmire decided to document Vasilina's day-to-day routine on social media, gaining worldwide attention.

Vasilina's Joy Channel shows the resilient youngster's perseverance and dedication when completing simple tasks using only her feet.

Vasilina Washing Dishes
"Vasilina loves the sinks and she loves to get her feet wet. And, while she's at it, might as well be useful". Image: Youtube - Vasilina's Joy Channel

From eating to riding a scooter, fishing, painting and even washing the dishes, this little girl has left people around the world in awe.

Fans Share Heartfelt Comment On Social Media
Fans Share Heartfelt Comment On Social Media Image: Facebook - Vasilina/Vasilina