Two Baby Elephants Rescued After Being Trapped In Ditch

Two elephant calves fell into a deep pit in Galkiriyagama, Sri Lanka and were trapped for hours.

Local residents alerted wildlife officials after the pair fell into the pit. Despite her efforts, the elephants' mother was unable to free them.

They were trapped.

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Wildlife officials arrived in the area to save the baby animals as their mother watched on, helpless. The babies became increasingly distressed as an excavator began work to dig an escape path for the little animals.

Elephants Trapped In Sri Lanka
The elephants became trapped in a deep ditch. Image: Derana TV.

After nearly three hours of digging, one of the calves managed to scramble over the now-lower edges of the ditch and to its mother. The second one, however, struggled to do the same.

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The second baby elephant had to be helped out of the ditch with a push from the bottom from the excavating machine.

The wildlife officers used loud crackers to chase the baby elephants back into the jungle, where they were finally back in their natural habitat with their families.

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