Dog Owners Attempt '101 Dalmatians' Beach Photo Shoot

Inspired by the classic 1961 film, Adelaide residents and their spotted pooches posed for photos by surrealist artist Andrew Baines.

The shoot was the brainchild of 10 News First Adelaide presenter Rebecca Morse, who was inspired by Baines's sausage dog shoot on Henley Beach.

"We thought let's do this one with Dalmatians so my pet Dalmatian, Henley, could have a play date with 100 of his mates," Morse told 10 daily.

10 News First Adelaide presenter Rebecca Morse organised the 101 Dalmatians shoot as a "play date" for her pup, Henley. Image: Andrew Baines.

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The shoot was widely promoted on social media and by radio station Hit 107 Adelaide, where Morse hosts the morning show 'Bec & Cosi' alongside Andrew Costello.

While the total number of Dalmatians gathered on the beach only came to 85, Morse said the "huge number of Dalmatians still looked incredible".

The owner of "party crasher" sausage dogs dressed as 101 Dalmatians villain, Cruella De Vil. Image: Andrew Baines.

She added that five sausage dogs had "crashed the shoot dressed as Dalmatians in black and white spotted coats to infiltrate the crowd".

"Their owner was dressed as [story villain] Cruella De Vil, so that was pretty funny and came as a surprise."

A separate attempt at gathering 101 Dalmatians in Adelaide earlier this year resulted in only 50 pups, More added.