Father And Daughter's 15 Year 'Pinch And A Punch' Battle Goes Viral

Over 15 years, actress Bridie Connell and her father have been upping the ante on their 'pinch and a punch, first day of the month' battle, but this time it has gone viral.

In a Twitter thread that has now been shared more than a thousand times, Connell told the story of how her dad pranked her on May 1, with a little bit of help from Air New Zealand.

Just after boarding a flight to visit her family in New Zealand, a staff member named Beau went over to Connell and asked if she was Birdie.

Initially thinking she was about to be upgraded, Connelly was instead handed a letter.

"I open it. I silently scream. It’s not an upgrade. Beau grins and shakes my hand. Hands me his card," she said on Twitter.

The letter was from her dad, who started by wishing his daughter a comfortable flight and said he couldn't wait to see her. But halfway through the letter, the real reason for her dad's message made itself apparent.

"By the way, whilst I remember..." he said.

"Pinch and a punch for the first of the month, no returns!!"

Image: Bridie Connell
Image: Bridie Connell

Unfortunately, immediately after readings the letter, Connell said she was told she had to turn her phone off before the flight took off -- so she couldn't even call her dad.

"I have to hand it to my dad, and to Air Nz (sic). And Beau, the most hilarious and lovely man," she said.

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"I am SO annoyed but also SO impressed. And the worst part is tonight I’ll have to sit through a family dinner with everyone telling and retelling this story and dad being all smug."

The battle for the first of the month honour has been 15-years in the making, and is usually "pretty low key", Connell said.

When Connell was 14, she was pulled out of class and sent to the principal's office.

"I thought I was in trouble. I arrived to find my dad waiting, ready to deliver the blow. 'Pinch and a punch!'" she recalled.

According to Connell, here are some of the other ways she and her dad have pranked each other over the years; 

  • serenading musicians
  • live on radio
  • at a live poetry reading
  • using friends against each other
  • using a tour guide while on holiday.

Air New Zealand apparently felt so bad about helping Connell's dad with his plan, they upgraded her to premium economy for the flight.

We'd be pranked on to get an upgrade too.

Featured Image: Bridie Connell