Adorable New Tiger Cubs Born To First-Time Mum At Dreamworld

Name a cuter duo, we'll wait.

Tiger conservation teams in Queensland are celebrating the arrival of two adorable twin brothers at Dreamworld.

Weighing a combined total of less than three kilograms when they were born late on Friday, the pair have already gained an impressive half a kilogram each in just a few days.

Image: Dreamworld

The pair are the first litter of mum Adira, who keepers say is "interactive", which allowed them to assist her with the birthing process.

"She had a great pregnancy, a great birthing process, she's really doing well as a first-time mum," Dreamworld's General Manager of Life Sciences Al Mucci said.

Image: Dreamworld

The cubs, who are yet to open their eyes, will now be quarantined and given vaccinations before they are shown to visitors for the first time in a few weeks.

Keepers will soon take-over some nursing duties from Adira and begin the hand-feeding process.

They're hoping the new cubs will even be able to walk into the enclosure within the next six weeks.

Image: Dreamworld.

Mucci said the adorable bundle will also take on an important role as ambassadors of tiger conservation.

"All our tigers here at Dreamworld are ambassadors for their wild cousins. These two adorable brothers will be just that," he said.

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Tiger Island manager Patrick Martin-Vegue said the duo was important to raise awareness for the plight of tigers in the wild.

Image: Dreamworld

"Tigers live in a lot of areas that are obviously not as financially capable as Australia," he said.

"A dollar goes a long way in those countries so our ability to fund these programs is really important."

Featured Image: Dreamworld