Canadian Firefighters Rescue A Huge Tranquilised Cougar From A Tree

Local firefighters from Victoria in British Columbia made a unique rescue this week after they were called to help retrieve a tranquilised cougar from a tree.

Division L-730 from Victoria Fire were called to assist Canadian conservation officers as well as the police in safely lowering the big cat from a tree at the side of the Gorge waterway, which runs through the centre of the city.

The cougar had been tranquilised for removal by the British Columbia Conservation Officers once it had been spotted in the tree.

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A conservation officer tagged the healthy young cougar and it will now be relocated into the wild.

British Columbia  has the densest population of cougars in Canada, with an estimated 3,500 individuals living in the state.

The big cats tend to occupy forested areas and live in mountain habitats but the continued expansion of humans into these regions has brought them into contact with people more frequently.