Britain Breaks Records For Longest-Ever Period Without Coal Power

UK's National Grid have reported that the country has just made it through the longest-ever period without using electricity generated by coal.

The National Grid reported the country lasted more than 90 hours without coal over the Easter weekend -- the longest period since, well, the industrial revolution.

Renewable energy sources currently comprise 31 percent of the overall energy production.

Unusually sunny spring weather in the UK has lowered demand for electricity and also increased the viability of solar panels throughout the country.

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Over the weekend, a quarter of the energy the UK generated came from solar panels.

Coal products made up less than 10 percent of the country's energy production in 2018 and the reliance on it is expected to drop even further this year.

However, the majority of the energy generated (38 percent) was derived from natural gas, which is still a process reliant on fossil fuel and releases potent greenhouse gases (such as methane) during drilling and extraction.

The UK have launched an ambitious project that aims to see zero carbon emissions in electricity production by 2025, by integrating new technology such as large-scale off-shore wind projects and solar panels across the countryside.

This plan is 25 years ahead of the EU's schedule for a carbon-neutral energy sector by 2050, which is expected to be drafted in full by early 2020.