Please Enjoy These Videos Of A Rescue Dog Singing While He Plays Piano

I guess that's why they call it the awoooooooos.

Meet Buddy Mercury, the musically-talented beagle who was named after Queen legend Freddie Mercury and has stolen my heart.

Like his namesake, Buddy -- who was rescued from a shelter at 14 months old -- is an accomplished piano player and vocalist and can really hit those high notes with his trademark 'awoooOOOOO'.


Jumping up to reach the instrument, Buddy masterfully hits the keys at just the right note to create beautiful melodies, even singing along with his little sister.


As well as doing some killer concerts for his Instagram account, Buddy also has an album available on iTunes (no, I am absolutely not kidding) and a portion of the purchase goes towards animal shelters like the one he was rescued from.

Buddy isn't just a one-trick pony puppy either, he has an extensive collection of very dapper bowties which frankly, make me think he's even cuter.

Feature Image: Instagram/@buddymercury