Please Enjoy This Video Of Giraffes Seeing Bubbles For The First Time

A group of giraffes at Victoria's Werribee Open Range Zoo have been filmed seeing bubbles for the first time.

Keepers from the zoo filmed the curious animals leaning in to inspect the bubbles as they were blown towards the group.

Resistance Manyepera, one of the savannah keepers, said the encounter was a successful and interesting activity for the giraffes.

One of Werribee's giraffes leans in to inspect the bubbles. Source: Werribee Open Range Zoo.

"All of the giraffes came and investigated. It was a really great interaction for them," he said.

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Giraffes naturally engage in highly stimulating activities in the wild such as finding food, marking territory and escaping from predators, all of which keep their minds alert.

"Enrichment like these bubbles enables the animals to explore, socialise and play, which is very important for their survival," Manyepera said.