This Owl Didn't Give A Hoot About Napping Inside A Plane's Engine

For once, breaking news out of Sydney airport wasn't about a fire emergency in the control tower, severe storms or dangerous ash clouds.

This time it was the peculiar napping choice made by this solitary and nocturnal bird.

"This owl didn’t give a hoot where it napped!" Virgin Australia posted on its Facebook page.

The owl was found in the engine at Sydney Airport. The aircraft came in the day before and terminated for the evening, which is when the owl set up shop for a sleep.

"The cute little guy was found during our pre-flight checks, which is a good reminder of why we do them," Virgin Australia said.

IMAGE: Virgin Australia

"Our team of engineers rescued it and it was checked out before being safely released back into the wild."

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IMAGE: Virgin Australia

In the spirit of oversharing, the airline then asked its social media followers about the strangest places they've woken up  in.

"On the train, woke up six stops away from my station," one Twitter user replied.

"Cairns! I was only trying to go to Dulwich Hill," said another.

But the dubious crown probably goes to the Facebook commenter, who simply replied: "Vegas!"