A Couple Of Hamburglars Figured Out How To Get Free McDonald's Burgers

If McDonald's is hitting your hip pocket a little too hard, a couple of mates have figured out how to potentially cheat the system for a generous discount.

Two Australians posted a video to Reddit on Sunday, demonstrating how to get free Macca's hamburgers.

Essentially, the trick is meant to exploit a bug in the self-ordering system, which makes $1 hamburgers drop down to -$0.10 when you remove the meat patty from the order.

"A couple of friends and I found out a way to get free food from Maccas," the video post said.

"Probably don't have long before they patch it so go nuts."

In the video, the two wannabe Hamburglars add ten $1 hamburgers to their order and customise them to remove the patties, bringing the total to -$1.

After adding one more hamburger, this time without removing the patty, the total comes back up to $0.00.

It's a three-point plan to get one proper hamburger for free, in total saving what would normally be a $1 spend.

While many people were quite excited by the prospect of even cheaper fast-food, some Redditors weren't completely sold on the plan.

"At the end of the day though, you only wanted the real cheeseburger. That’s a lot of effort to save $1," one comment read.

"I'm all for exploiting loopholes and sticking it to the man or whatever, but I'm not a fan of wasting food. I hope you're going to eat all those buns," read another.

One person did point out that their vegan girlfriend orders patty-less burgers all the time and just puts chips on them, so the plan may have its audience after all.

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In the name of good and important journalism, 10 daily took a quick stroll to the nearest McDonald's to test out the hack firsthand.

About 16 hours after the video was posted online, it seems McDonald's might have cottoned onto the situation, and we were unable to score 11 free hamburgers minus 10 meat patties.

The total still came to $12 after following the steps laid out in the video.

10 daily has reached out to McDonald's for comment.