WATCH: Little Girl's Face As Dad Sings Spontaneous Ave Maria Rendition

A father and daughter have stolen hearts across the world after a spectacular performance of Ave Maria at a hotel in Disney World.

The moment was captured on video and uploaded to social media by dad Justin Gigliello, and has since gone viral, racking up hundreds of thousands of views from around the world.

Gigliello said the spontaneous performance alongside a pianist inside the Grand Floridian hotel in Disney, Florida was all thanks to his daughter.

"Lyla asked the man playing if I could sing while he played," Gigliello told his followers last week.

Facebook: Justin Gigliello

According to Gigliello's Facebook page, he works as an administrative manager but was also vocally trained at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Thousands of messages have since flooded the man's social media page, many of which point out the endearing look on his daughter's face as she watches him sing next to the grand piano.

His performance also brought in quite a crowd in the hotel's foyer, with onlookers seen stopping to watch his incredible vocal range.

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You can watch the incredible video above to witness some true Disney magic.

Featured Image: Facebook: Justin Gigliello