This Ambulance Pup Helps Staff Through Traumatic Triple Zero Calls

At just 13 months old, Solly is being a very good boy. 

The golden Labrador is the first permanent therapy dog to take residence at NSW Ambulance's Control Centre in Sydney.

Every day, Solly -- known as the 'special intern' --  joins call-takers for pats and cuddles, helping them through traumatic Triple Zero calls.

Meet Solly. Image: NSW Ambulance

"There is something about having an animal around. It just relieves that little bit of stress," NSW Ambulance Deputy Director of Control Maxine Puustinen said.

"Solly provides welfare support, comfort and companionship to our staff when they're having really bad days -- he lifts the mood of the entire room."

Solly spent 12 months at the Guides Dogs NSW/ACT pet therapy school and is highly trained.

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Who's a good boy? Image: NSW Ambulance

NSW Ambulance Commissioner Dominic Morgan said he will help staff dealing "with some of the toughest days of people's lives".

The control centre has had a series of weekly visits from PAWS Therapy dogs, but will now have Solly 24/7.

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Featured image: NSW Ambulance