Christchurch Cops Hand Out Donuts To Cheer Students Up

New Zealand police are trying to make things a little bit sweeter for Christchurch locals.

On Wednesday, Canterbury University in Christchurch's inner-west suburbs received increased police presence following the attack on the Al Noor and Linwood mosque attacks, which killed 50 people.

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As a sweet gesture to say hi and put a smile on everyone's faces, Canterbury Police -- the area's local police command -- spent the day handing out free donuts to students on campus.

A temporary memorial that reads "Kia Kaha Be Strong" has been set up on campus to allow students to pay their respects, with many leaving flowers in memory of those whose lives were taken.

Not all students were willing to just leave with one though, this student competed in a push-up competition against an officer to win a whole box.

We couldn't confirm whether the fella donned in black beat the hulking cop.

Feature Image: Instagram @uclibrary / Sidney Wong