These Kids Have Recreated The Greatest Showman For A Great Cause

The Greatest Showman inspired Ollie to make 'The Greatest Showkids' and it's all for a great cause: the hospital that saved his life.

The first time Ollie saw The Greatest Showman, his mum Jo was getting them popcorn as the movie was starting.  By the time she got back, Ollie had fallen in love with the movie, so the year two student decided that he was going to make his own version.

Nine-year-old Ollie put a call out to his classmates, and 27 out of the 30 responded -- it was time to make it happen.

On Wednesday, Ollie and his co-star Yve, along with his mum Jo appeared on Studio 10 to share how The Greatest Showkids came to life.

Yve, Ollie and his mum Jo appeared on Studio 10 on Wednesday.

"I came home from school one day and I said to mum 'hey, I'm going to make a movie'," he told hosts Angela Bishop and Yvie Jones.

"We auditioned everyone and it went great!"

Everyone who auditioned for the film got a part, meaning that P.T. Barnum's character -- who only has two daughters in The Greatest Showman -- ended up with six in Showkids.

Not having any rehearsals didn't prove to be a problem either with Yve telling the show that she already knew the songs quite well.

"We had to rehearse the actual lines... but not that much."

The entire movie was shot in a day and stars seven and eight year old students.

Hugh Jackman needs to watch his back!

See the full Studio 10 ineterview here

The film also supports a cause very close to Ollie and Jo's hearts.

After losing his dad, musician Chris Bailey, to throat cancer in 2013, Ollie himself was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour in 2016, when he was just six years old.

Ollie decided that all proceeds from the screening of the film will go to the Sydney Children's Hospital, the place and the team that saved his life.

"They're such an amazing place, they help all the kids who are sick," Ollie told the show.

"They helped me."

The Greatest Showkids will screen at a red carpet event at the Ritz Cinema in Randwick, in Sydney's eastern suburbs on Monday 25th March. You can get your tickets and more information here.