WATCH: 6-Year-Old Blind Piano Prodigy Nails Cover Of Bohemian Rhapsody

Meet Avett Ray Maness, the six-year-old piano prodigy, who taught himself to play piano by ear.

At just 11 months old the young boy from Ohio in the U.S., was already playing tunes on the piano.

"The moment he could pull himself to reach the piano, he was playing the melody to 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,'" Avett Ray's mom, Sara Moore, told CBS News.

Now, aged six, the piano prodigy who was born with optic nerve fibroplasia, making him completely blind in one eye, has become an online viral sensation, covering some of the world's biggest hits.

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"Music is in his body," Moore said.

"He's completely blind in one eye but has a little bit of vision in the other," Moore told CBS.

"He's significantly visually impaired. He walks with a cane and he reads braille."

Avett Ray now also has a piano teacher who is helping him prepare for some of his upcoming gigs, including a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser and performances for local schools.

And the piano maestro certainly knows how to bring in a crowd.

His biggest performance was played in front of 900 people, CBS reported.

The six-year-old's cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is the latest video to go viral from the youngster, whose proud mum shares his covers on his Youtube page.

His rendition of the song has already garnered more than 850,000 views since it was first shared, but he has also covered other classics ranging from the Beatles to Adele.

Avett Ray is also the character in a children's book, "Cotton Candy Clouds" written by his mum, to raise awareness and show support for visually impaired and blind people, Moore told CBS.

"He couldn't see the clouds in the sky, so I wrote this book so he could see them," she explained.

The book serves as "a chance to talk about diversity and how everybody's made special and we're all born with our own gifts."

Avett Ray is an old soul, his mom told CBS News. And with talent this extraordinary, it's clear he was born with a ton of soul.

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