Pilot Becomes Global Sensation After Shouting Delayed Passengers Burgers

We've all been there: tired, hangry and frustrated after being stuck a plane for hours. But this legend of a pilot helped ease the tension by shouting the whole plane a free lunch.

Passengers on the Phoenix-based Mesa Airlines flight were getting restless after being stranded on the tarmac at Tulsa International Airport for two-and-a-half-hours, so pilot and genius Matthew Hoshor made a call to the local Fat Guy's Burger Bar.

A short time later, 70 hot hamburgers arrived at the plane, with the captain himself handing them out.

One of the passengers posted a shot of the moment on Twitter, declaring that "good people and customer service do still exist".

The praise came thick and fast for Captain Matt and his good deed.

Even United Airlines responded.

And for those going "seriously?! the airline definitely would have paid for that".


Captain Matt picked up the tab.

Not all heroes wear capes.