Britain Honours Stephen Hawking With Limited Edition Coin

The Royal Mint in the UK has released a series of coins celebrating the life and achievements of world-renowned physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking.

The commemorative range -- which includes both silver, gold and Piedfort editions of the 50p coin -- pays homage to Hawking's contribution to science.

The coin's designer, Edwina Ellis, said the initial inspiration of the coin -- with a 3D-like effect on its surface -- came from the physicist's own description of black holes.

Hawking's children Lucy and Tim were present when the coins were revealed, and struck their very own coins to commemorate their father.

"It means an enormous amount to us to have our father's life commemorated on a coin," Lucy said in a video.

Hawking, who suffered from motor neurone disease and used an electronic voice synthesizer and wheelchair, died in March 2018 at age 76.

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Tim said his father would have been "thrilled" that there was a coin commemorating his life and his work.

"I think I have a very clear sense of him with one of his huge white smiles," Tim said in the video.

The coins are part of a commemorative range celebrating world renowned innovators of science, including Hawking and Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web.