Town Elects Goat As Mayor, We Kid You Not

Politics can be a rough trot but that isn't about to stop this kid from giving it a go.

Lincoln, an extremely well-named three-year-old goat, has emerged victorious in the polls to nab the top job in a small US town.

Fair Haven, Vermont -- with a population of about 2,500 -- elected Lincoln over 15 other candidates including Crystal the gerbil and a number of cats and dogs.

The long-eared (presumably part-time grass mower) Nubian goat beat out Sammie the dog by just a handful of votes.

The town, which is located along the state's border with New York, has no official human mayor.

Town Manager Joseph Gunter organised the election to raise funds for a new playground after hearing about a similar initiative in another state.

With a $5 entry fee, the vote only raised about $100 but was still a success in Gunter's eyes.

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“It was a great way to introduce the elementary school kids to local government,” he said.

During his one-year term, Lincoln's duties will include making appearances at local events including the Memorial Day parade, and looking good in a custom-made sash.

We're confident that as far as hoofed mayors go, he'll be the greatest of all time.