WATCH: Taronga Zoo's New Panda Cubs Make Their First Adorable Appearance

Zoo staff are excited to introduce three new red panda babies -- Mishry, Rohan and Ishwar.

Mum Amala gave birth to the trio late last year, but keepers have been waiting for the siblings to emerge from their nest.

"It’s incredible to see them for the first time,” Carnivore Keeper Ben Haynes said.

The global breeding program is part of a coordinated plan to help protect the endangered species. Image: Taronga Zoo

Found across the Himalayas, including China and Nepal, Red Pandas are increasingly rare and listed as an endangered species.

“It’s heartbreaking that their brilliant red fur makes them a target for the illegal wildlife trade," Haynes said.

Taronga's breeding program is part of a worldwide effort to ensure a genetically diverse insurance population.

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It is expected that over the next 10-12 weeks, these fury little creatures will start to sample solid foods and venture outside.