More Than 2,500 Animals Were Adopted During RSPCA 'Clear The Shelter' Weekend

It's been a bumper weekend for the RSPCA, sending 90 percent of its NSW furbabies to new homes.

In an bid to find as many shelter animals their furever homes, the RSPCA NSW reduced all adoption fees to just $29 over its 'Clear The Shelter' weekend to encourage prospective pet owners to take the leap and take home an animal in need.

With 736 animals adopted in the state, the event has been put down as a roaring success.

"Compared to a regular weekend, these three days were off the charts,” said Brendon Neilly, RSPCA NSW Executive Manager, Animal Care Services.

“When we look at the combined figures from around the state, we processed an adoption every two minutes.”

Matt and his new best bud Heidi. Image: provided

New fur-Dad Matt drove all the way from Canberra to be the first in line at the Sydney Shelter to adopt Heidi -- a 7-year-old cross-eyed husky who has been in and out of RSPCA care since November 2018.

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Booka is all smiles now that she's found her forever home. Image: provided

Meanwhile Booka, who was left in an overnight cafe with a heartbreaking note saying that his owners could no longer look after him in June of last year, also found his forever home.

In total, 2,654 animals were taken home across the country, with NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and ACT shelters each emptied by more than 90 percent.

Apricot (left) was a welcomed addition to her new family after Jennifer and Lewis had returned to the shelter to find silbing for Bowie, a three-legged dog they had adopted from the shelter only two months before. Meanwhile bonded kittens Diesel and Mango (right) were taken home by a 12-year-old boy who fell inlove straight away with the pair. Images: provided

But Neilly hopes the successful weekend will remind prospective pet owners that there are four-legged friends waiting to be taken home all year round.

“The serious side of this weekend is, of course, that our doors are always open to help those animals that need it most," he said.

“The reality is that while this weekend has been a success, our shelters will not remain empty for long. We admit surrendered, sick, injured and abused animals every day. Protecting all animals great and small is an ongoing challenge."