Business In The Front, Party In The Back: All The Best Looks From Australia's Biggest Mullet Festival

The country NSW pub that celebrates the mullet hairstyle has crowned its first queen of the party-in-the-back hairdo in front of a crowd of hundreds.

The second annual Mulletfest, held in the coal mining town of Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley on Saturday, celebrated the divisive hairstyle which rose to prominence in the latter half of the 20th century and fell into obscurity shortly after.

Michelle "Darlzy" Gearin celebrates winning the highly-coveted best mullet of all aware. Image: AAP

This year marked the first time women entered the competition and their bold looks saw them claim three titles including the ranga -- redhead -- category which was claimed by Newcastle ginger Elyce Kiem.

But the winner of the everyday mullet and the highly-coveted best mullet of all went to Michelle "Darlzy" Grainer.

Grainer reacted with shock and elation as a beer was poured into her trophy to drink in celebration.

"The mullet is a great d*ckhead filter," she told reporters on Saturday.

Grainer hopes her win will inspire other young women to dress how they want.

"Do whatever you want with your hair girls," she said.

Though she took home the hardware, Grainer wasn't alone in her business in the front, party in the back approach to hair styling.

Check out some of the best looks below.

A mullet never ages. Image: AAP
Extremely business in the front and extremely party in the back. Image: AAP
Participants Hayden Neale (left) and Dane Wildley (right). Image: AAP
Winner of the 'best ranga' category went to Elyce Kiem. Image: AAP
Zoe and Jaxson Smith proving it's never too early to start. Image: AAP
There's no bond like the mullet bond, some say. Image: AAP
Participant Jamie Brookes (right) came all the way from Perth. Images: AAP