Two Royal Newborns Arrive In Melbourne

A pair of royal newborns have hatched in Melbourne with the city's aquarium welcoming two king penguin chicks.

The newborns arrived earlier this month with Maple born on February 6 and Odin on February 10.

"We're so happy with the two little chicks, who are doing well under the care of their parents and growing bigger and stronger with every day," Sea Life bird keeper Gemma Asser said on Friday.

At their weekly weigh-in on Friday, female chick Maple tipped the scales at 1.1kg while Odin weighed in at 597 grams.

The duo mark the seventh successful breeding season at the Melbourne aquarium.

Image: Facebook (SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium)

King penguins have the longest breeding cycle of all penguins with courtship, egg laying and rearing taking up to 16 months.

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Featured Image: SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium