These Dogs Went Speed Dating Before Valentine's Day To Find Their Pawfect Match

This Valentine's Day, even dogs are looking for love. But how does a pup find their perfect match? Doggy speed dating, of course.

Fifteen dogs met up in the dog-friendly New York City furniture store Burrow House to find their one true puppy love or perhaps a new best friend.

The idea was simple: The dogs were paired up and their owners attempted to take the cutest "couple" photo before they moved on to their next match.

Many of the pet parents were ready to find their pups a match. "Cody is single and ready to mingle," said one of the event organizers, Anj Chang-Finnie, of her dog.

Donna Modafferi jokingly said of her dog Charlie, "Trying to get this girl married so she can get out of my house."

In addition to speed dating, the event featured themed snacks for the dogs and owners and a special showing of Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" to really get the romance going.


The event was organized by "The Barking Lot," a "group of dog moms" who met through Instagram and are now "friends in real life," said Chang-Finnie.

Many of the dogs have successful animal Instagram accounts.

The women get together regularly to socialize with each other and their pups. Chang-Finnie said the group is open to dogs of all ages, sizes and personalities.


However, the event wasn't only about the dogs who attended. The meet-up raised nearly $300 for Best Friends Animal Society, an animal outreach and rescue nonprofit organization, through a donation jar.

"We want the dogs to have fun and find love. And we also want to spread the joy and hopefully help a few other rescue animals find love on their own," said Chang-Finnie.

Half of the dogs in the group are rescues themselves, said Chang-Finnie, so the cause is very near to their hearts.


"All of you dogs out there without a home this Valentine's Day, just know that you are loved and we hope that you find a forever home very, very soon," said dog owner Christa Whitlow.

While every dog in attendance may not have been hit with Cupid's arrow, the group certainly spread the love to help less fortunate pups and make their holiday a little brighter.

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