Wildcats Basketball Star Saves Dog From Burning House

Perth Wildcats captain Damian Martin became an unlikely hero after rescuing a pet dog from a house fire.

Martin had gone for fish and chips on Sunday night in Perth when he noticed smoke coming from a nearby house.

The Wildcats captain stopped to help and managed to rescue the owner's beloved pooch from an upstairs patio.

“I started running up the stairs and I yelled out ‘is anyone inside’," Martin told radio station Hit 92.9.

"And this old guy said ‘oh, is my house on fire?’"

Martin said he grabbed a garden hose and tried to fight the blaze while trying to save the man's computer and other possessions at the same time.

A Department of Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman said the “whole house was completely destroyed”.

He pulled the dog to safety but said even that didn't earn him a reprieve for being late home with dinner.

Martin in action for the Wildcats (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

"Tried telling my wife about the story and all she could comment was the chips were cold by then," Martin joked when he spoke to 10 News First.

"I think I was in the dog house by then."

It capped off a dramatic day for the basketball star, who had earlier in the afternoon helped his team to an overtime win against the Sydney Kings, steering the Cats to victory on the back of his 15 points.

Perth Now reported Martin claimed he received a death threat after the game from a punter who had bet a large amount on the Kings to win the game.