A Cat Has Miraculously Survived After Being Frozen Solid

They say cats have nine lives, this one is definitely one down.

Fluffy is one lucky feline.

She was found frozen solid in a snow bank in Kalispell, Montana on January 31. Temperatures were a bone-chilling -22 degrees Celsius

Unresponsive, with ice matted to her fur, Fluffy's owners prayed for a miracle as they carried their beloved pet into the Animal Clinic of Kalispell.

Fluffy's temperature was so low it didn't even register on the thermometer but vets were determined to keep her alive.

After two hours of using warm water and blankets to heat the cat's body, her temperature was still dangerously low, so she was taken to the emergency room.

With a hairdryer blowing on her flash frozen face, Fluffy finally started to show signs of life.

IMAGE: Facebook via Animal Clinic of Kalispell

After several hours, the beloved pet completely thawed out and appeared happy and healthy again, much to the relief of her human family.

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The clinic shared the miraculous story on Facebook.

IMAGE: Facebook via Animal Clinic of Kalispell

We think It's safe to say, Fluffy is now an indoor cat.