Mum Calls 911 With Fashion Emergency

A 911 dispatcher in the U.S. has helped one desperate mother with an unusual family emergency when the woman called asking for help to tie a tie.

When operator Cyndi Marie, from Alachua County Sheriff Office in Florida, asked what the caller's emergency was during a routine 911 call, the woman on the other end of the line said she had no emergency.

"I'm right outside the door," caller Diana Wicks said over the phone.

"Do you have an officer in there that knows how to tie a tie," she inquired.

In a Facebook post Marie said it was the best call she received all day, explaining Wicks called the Sheriff's office because she needed help getting her son's outfit ready for a wedding.

In a recording of the 911 call released this week, a surprised Marie can be heard asking Wicks: "I'm sorry... an officer that knows how to do what, m'am?"

"This was definitely not something we typically get a call for service on... and yes we made it happen," Marie said on Facebook.

Newly trained dispatcher Hannah Mesh put her hand up for the unusual request, rushing outside to help the woman.

"I said 'oh my goodness I'm so happy, y'all have made my day'," Wicks said in an interview with Fox5.

Mesh said it made her whole day, with Marie adding it was "super rewarding to put a smile on her face".

Alachua County Sherrif posted an official message after the incident, sharing a sweet photo of Wicks and one of her 911 fashion police.

"How lucky are we to have a community that knows that they can call us -- for anything?" the Sherriff's Office said.

"We hope the wedding is just as beautiful as these two and their story."

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Featured Image: Facebook (Cyndi Marie)