Heartwarming Moment Wheelchair-Bound Groom Stands To Dance With New Wife

A video showing a wheelchair-bound groom standing to dance with his new bride has gone viral.

At a recent wedding in Brazil, the bride Cinthia and her new husband  Hugo Rohling were having their first dance.

The groom lost the ability to walk after a motorbike accident in 2014, so the bride sat on her husband's lap and they swayed to Sam Smith's Make It To Me.

The groom's brother and father then emerged from the crowd holding two chairs and Velcro straps.  Thanks to his father and brother, the groom was able to stand up so he could dance with his bride.

Bride And Groom Dance Together

A video of the moment was captured by a guest at the wedding and was shared online.

The bride and the groom had tears in their eyes as they danced together, creating an incredible memory as they started their married life together.

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Featured Image: Facebook/ Marcelo Henrique da Silva. 

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