WATCH: Fast Food Worker Slays 'The Greatest Showman' Tune While On The Job

A woman has unexpectedly brightened the day of her restaurant co-workers, performing a stunning rendition of a tune from hit musical 'The Greatest Showman'.

The woman belted out the song 'Never Enough' from the movie starring Hugh Jackman, much to the amazement of her colleagues.

With her back to the camera, the woman gives a rendition of the song that would give the movie's actress Loren Allred a run for her money.

The moment was captured by a fellow employee, who posted it on Snapchat, simply captioned "wow".

Image: Kendi Wolever

The clip has since made its way to YouTube, clocking up 40,000 views in less than 48 hours. Viewers commented their astonishment at the woman's incredible voice.

"Gifted voice! thanks for sharing," said one person.

"Wow what an incredible voice," another said.

"I wish to listen (to the) whole song recorded properly."

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Maybe we'll see her in the movie's sequel...